Wednesday, 23 March 2016

El rancho writing

WALT- write a persuasive argument

DESCRIPTION- this is my writing. we did persuasive writing.

EVALUATION- I think green
I think that to because I like how you explained it to me so i give you a green

Is El rancho a family friendly enviroment ?

People say El Rancho is safe because it’s fun. I am here to tell you of the horrors in the realm of El rancho such as the dangerous equipment, watersports and lack of safety on the buildings. I disagree that El Rancho is a family friendly environment.

First, what if someone broke in? There’s guns and bows there. They could shoot someone. This is putting children in harms way.

Secondly, what if someone didn’t put their life jacket on right or got trapped under their kayak? They could die, couldn’t they. The  pool is  very deep, so a small child could drown.

Finally , the buildings aren’t very safe. A little kid could easily jump off the railing and die. If there was a earthquake it wouldn’t be safe because the structure isn’t safe.

Therefore, I believe that I have provided efficient evidence to support my argument. Only a complete idiot would believe that El rancho is a family friendly. So I wouldn’t go there.

WALT- write a persuasive argument

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


WALT- use position and orientation

DESCRIPTION- this is my task, I had to make a bike tour that is between 14 and 30 k. mine is my from my house (122 roy street) to Opiki.

DIRECTIONS- go south until  you get to you to yatai. Turn west and go down featherston street. go south down botanical road. go down pioneer highway. go down state highway. go down rangitane road. go down opiki road until you get to to opiki school congrautions you got there  origanial directions.

Monday, 21 March 2016


 DESCITION- This is my measuring of the class objects

WALT- geometry

EVALUATION- orange because I don't have much learning

Thursday, 17 March 2016

WALT: build positive relationships.

DESCRIPTION: these are my timetables, goals and evaluation  for camp.

EVALUATION: I think I should get green

FEEDBACK: Caid said I should get green

inter school swimming sports

this is me doing swimming sports I came last

Thursday, 3 March 2016

geomtry passport

W.A.L.A- position and shape

DESCRIPTION-this is my geometry passport. I was working on a scale map and every four centimeters were a meter.

EVALUTION- I think I should get a orange target because I didn't finsh

FEEDBACK-I think mason should get a green

writing - Okatia re-told by Tumatauenga

WALT- Retell old maori myths.

Description- We were retelling the story of Okatia.  Logan and I  were retelling the middle of the story.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

word of the week 2

synonyms: set free, given rights, rescued, save , detached 

definition: set free from imprisonment,slavery or oppression,free from enemy occuption, release from a situation which limits freedom of thought or behaviour.

sentence: He was liberated from prison because he had done his sentence.


WALT apply problem solving strategies