Thursday, 25 February 2016

hand writing

WALT- form our letters correctly
Description-I am practising my G's

evalution-I think I should get a green target because I did really good


WALT- write myths

Description-I was writing a myth about a sea monster

                    evaluation- I should get a orange target because my                         writing isn't very good.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

word of the week


                                                  successfully, victoriously, gloating,
Description-here are the synonyms I found.                                                                                                                 winningly admirably                                    

problem solving

WALT apply problem solving strategies
 1)a 7+2+9+8+4+3=33
b 7+6+8+9+5+3=38  7+6+8+4+3=28

2) a red, green
b green

3) 25

4) 10+10+10=30  5+5+5+5+10=30  10+20=30

                                                                                                          evaluation-I think I should get a green because I did my maths really  well.      

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Reading Follow Up task

robin hood 
eerie aka: dark, misty, shadaowy

stalking aka: hunting ,watching, tracking

aplenty aka: lots, many, heaps, plenty

humble aka: kind, nice, freindly

peasants aka: villagers 

two stars and a wish

Being Special

WALA- "Being special"

Description- We had to do a shape and cut it into 3 parts. One part was for our name, one was for how we are unique and the other was how our class is special.

addition and subtraction

walt do addition by looking for  compatible numbers

I've been using compatible numbers were you add two numbers that go together to make ten.

 I think I did good but not perfect my buddy thought the same.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


in maths we had to get fifty sticks without counting in ones. I counted in fives.